Navigating the Difficulties of Finding Expat Housing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has broad-minded and independent people, making it an excellent place for outsiders. It's, however, not easy to find rental homes as an expat in this city. The biggest challenge is that expats can only find rental homes in the private rental market, which comprises approximately 10 percent of the total number of available housing units. The reason for this tiny percentage is partly due to social housing, which accounts for 60 percent of the real estate market, and which is reserved for Dutch residents whose incomes are low. With such challenges to contend with, you will need all the help you can get to find expat housing.

Use Professionals to find Expat Housing It is with help from a real estate agent that you will find expat rental homes fast and without difficulties. Experts are trained to navigate the intricacies that are inherent in the city's housing system. Additionally, an agent will help you get a rental unit that suits your preferences, offer valuable information about the city, and assist you to sort out issues that are related to utility subscriptions, parking permits, insurance and others. Among the many benefits of using agents is that they will scrutinise the rental agreements on your behalf and guide you on the most reasonable amount of rent you should pay. Some will also offer recommendations on the best neighbourhoods to pick and their living standards. The online presence of the agents exposes you to a myriad of English-language sites that cater to the needs of expats. Take the Search for Expat Housing to Expatriate Forums and the People you know  Expat forums can aid your search for housing since they are made up of individuals who relocated to the city a few months or years prior. Their information is usually helpful since they underwent various difficulties in the search for housing and will, therefore, offer tips that will make yours easy. A critical point to take note of is that landlords with the best rental units do not always advertise their property since their principal aim is to offer them to 'recommended' tenants. So, you should inform all your contacts in the city about your desire to find an appropriate rental unit for them to recommend you to one. Contact Private Landlords with Expat Housing Units  Real estate agents usually charge fees that are equivalent to a month's rent plus 21 percent VAT. Consequently there's a need to check sites that offer properties that are privately owned if you wish to avoid such expenses. With such savings, however, you may not get a property that appeals to your desire very easily and the deal you seal may not always be in your best interests, especially if the contract is written in Dutch. Note too that tenancy agreements may not always be in writing as you can enter into one orally. The presence of a witness is an excellent idea in such an instance because disagreements with the landlord may arise later on. View our RentSlam for further information.